Adorable toddler branded ‘most Scottish ever’ after comical tantrum goes viral

Tiny tot Ava McGilvary has been branded the ‘most Scottish toddler ever’ after a hilarious video of herself throwing a tantrum went viral on TikTok

Toddler tantrums can be an absolute nightmare for parents and sometimes it feels like the screaming and crying will never end.

But, while most tantrums are no laughing matter, one Scottish youngster has left people in absolute stitches after throwing a massive wobble over a biscuit.

Toddler Ava McGilvary has even become an online sensation, after her aunt Megan O’Brien filmed the three-year-old’s tantrum and posted it onto TikTok.

As a last resort, the mum asks “Ava, do you want a biscuit” and, without missing a beat, the tot replies “aye.”

Megan told the Record: “She is a wee character. She’s crazy but she is so funny. Usually she answers ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but her dad had been saying ‘aye’ around the house and she must have picked it up. It was so funny when she just came out with it in the middle of a wee meltdown.

“I can’t even remember why she was crying in the first place now but she had worked herself up and no matter what Melissa said she wasn’t calming down – until she offered her a biscuit.”

The TikTok has since been viewed more than 700,000 with the youngster being labelled the “most Scottish baby ever.”

“That was a strong ‘aye’ love it. I’m the same someone offers me food over the next three week, I am stockpiling it,” one TikTok user commented, while another added: “Aw ma god am screaming.”

“She says ‘aye’ like a full grown woman, I cant,” a third wrote, while a fourth added: “I’ve lived in Scotland my whole 18 years and she has a stronger accent than me.”