Mum left feeling spooked after spotting ‘ghost of child’ in mirror selfie

A mum-of-three was baffled when she looked back at a series of selfies, taken when she was alone in her hotel room, only to discover the face of a child in the mirror

A mum has been left feeling spooked after claiming she caught a ghost staring at her in her hotel room – but fortunately she had no idea until the next day.

Cayley Boshoff had been getting glammed up for a night out before taking a series of selfies on her phone using the self-timer feature on her phone.

The mum-of-three had been alone in the hotel room when taking the photos – or so she thought – until inspecting the photos the very next day.

Looking back at the pictures, Cayley spotted what appeared to be a presence in the mirror behind her, with what looks like a white face and black eyes peering out from behind her arm.

“I went to a hotel in Kerry, Ireland, alone for a night. I was getting ready to go out to see a band in concert,” the 333-year-old, from Galway in Ireland recalled.

“I was taking pictures on my phone’s timer. When I got home the next day and looked through the photos, I saw that.”

At the time, she didn’t feel a presence in the room with her and was spooked to see someone there when she went through her pictures the next day.

Spooked by what she had seen, Cayley decided to share the images on Facebook, and several people commented to say they could see a child in the image.

“That looks like a little girl’s face beside you in the mirror,” one commented, while another added: “Looks like a child in the mirror.”

However, Cayley is no stranger to paranormal encounters, though she usually knows when they are happening.

She added: “I’ve had encounters before but nothing too bad that made me truly believe in ghosts. I boiled them down to coincidence. Then I saw this and I was like, ‘erm, okay.'”

The eerie encounter happened just before Christmas 2019 and Cayley hasn’t had another since – that she knows of.