New mum had to breastfeed her husband after painful condition left her ‘no choice’

A woman called Jennifer took to TikTok to explain why she took the drastic measure – insisting neither she nor her husband found it erotic and that they’re both scarred from the experience

A mum who has been nursing her newborn baby has revealed she’s also been breastfeeding someone else in the family – her husband.

New mum Jennifer posted a video on TikTok to explain why she asked her husband to latch on and feed – in a video that has been watched nearly 12 million times.

In the footage, Jennifer says: “There are some things in marriage and having babies that you just can’t prepare for. And this is one of them.

“This weekend, I started having pain in my right breast… I’m breastfeeding, so I figured it was a clogged milk duct, which happens frequently for some people.

“But I ended up getting a fever and it was mastitis, so I got antibiotics.”

However, when the medication didn’t seem to work, Jennifer turned to other remedies including Epsom salt baths, hot towels and supplements.

Sadly, none of these attempts made a difference, leading Jennifer to consider one last resort.

She said: “I found this article – because I was just Googling and Googling – that said your partner should suck the clog out.

“Mind you, I never in a million years would have ever considered letting my husband breastfeed off of me. Nor has he ever wanted to, I should clarify. And I know that that can be a kink… No. Just no.”

She made it clear that the couple didn’t see anything sexual or erotic in the act of her husband breastfeeding, but added after days of agony, she wasn’t sure what else to do.

To make matters worse, their baby daughter was hungry for milk and kept crying.

She said: “I mentioned it to my husband. I was like, ‘Do you want to help me out?’ He was like, ‘I would do that for you, but I might gag, I might throw up, but I’ll do that for you.’

“So we did it. We got this bowl, and we went into the side so he could spit it out.”

Luckily, the trick seemed to work, although Jennifer joked she feels like she has “PTSD” as a result.

She added her husband commented the breast milk was “really sweet.”

The mum said: “I feel like we’re bonded for life.”