Crafty mum transforms daughter into Baby Santa by turning walker into festive sleigh

Mum Olga Biggs has been branded a ‘genius’ after turning her 13-month-old daughter’s walker into a festive sleigh, transforming the youngster into Baby Santa

A creative mum is being heaped in praise after transforming her daughter into an adorable Baby Santa, by turning her walker into a festive light-up sleigh, fit for Mr Claus himself.

Olga Biggs wanted to give her 13-month-old daughter Suki a magical entrance to her friends’ Christmas party earlier this month, so she decided to go all out.

The 35-year-old stayed up into the early hours planning and building the elaborate sleigh, using fairy lights bought last year, cardboard slotted together from her house and £2-worth of coloured paper and glue, for a grand total of just £10.

Olga, who lives in Paignton, Devon, said: “I like making stuff and we hadn’t seen friends and their kids for a very long time, so it was sort of a party trick. She made quite the entrance.

“When Suki went to bed one night, I just had a cup of tea and made it in the living room. It took about four hours but I was up until 3am. I was tired the next day but it was worth it.

“I did a sketch beforehand and then went to the shops to get the coloured paper and glue while doing some Christmas shopping. We used a lot of cardboard from around the house.

“Everything has to be as safe as possible so I attached the lights on with a glue gun and fitted it in the gaps between the cardboard.”

In four hours Olga completely transformed the pink stroller into a fully fledged, festive sleigh, with its sides flanked with red cardboard and white tinsel, and the front decorated with a chain of festive bells.

Battery-powered fairy lights are glue-gunned to the front and edges of the ‘amazing’ structure, while the bottom of the walker is hidden behind white felt, cut to mimic icicles.

And, according to the veterinary nurse, all the hard work was worth it, as Suki made quite the entrance at the party and even left the other kids and their parents feeling jealous.

“Suki came in through the side door and everyone could hear the bells before she came in. It was like Baby Santa was coming to the party. She’s always been really interactive so she loves it. She keeps feeling the bells and loves all the attention she gets from it,” Olga said.

“She whizzes around in it, and I’m glad because I was worried it would be too heavy. Everyone’s saying it’ll help build up her leg muscles anyway.

“All the other kids wanted to get in it but they were around four and over, so they couldn’t. I think they were jealous.”

The crafty mum later shared adorable snaps of Santa Suki on Facebook, showing the tot posing with her furry siblings, German spitz Pikachu, seven, and Japanese spitzes Miku and Tricky, both 13, whose white fur makes them look like sleigh-pulling snow dogs.

“Some might say I have too much time on my hands. I say humbug and poppycock! I made my little girl’s walker into a sleigh for a Christmas get together,” she wrote alongside the post, which has since racked up more than 900 comments.

“That’s genius. Absolutely love it,” one wrote, while another added: “OMG you’re a nutter!! But that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in ages.”

A third added: “Love it. Christmas needs more people like you lol,” while a fourth wrote: “I wish I had thought of this when mine were babies. This is amazing.”